Ethics of social media anonymity – why are we so open and is it good or bad?

‘I think it important to set out that bloggers have no inherent right to anonymity. When I start publishing my thoughts online, it’s too easy for an intelligent reader to figure out who I am, and that facility in and of itself reduces my expectation of continued anonymity. That is, from a practical standpoint, I cannot expect my anonymity to be long-lived, and therefore I should not value it too highly.’

Do you agree? I just came across an extremely interesting post by PalDM, on ScienceBlogs. (Post I am referring to is a part of a larger discussion, more can be found here and here.)

I completely agree with its content. Writing a post on a blog is a huge responsibility, just as any other act of social media presence, simply because the engagement with broad audience needs to be transparent, factual and..well..make sense, right?:) Why is it then that we still have a number of anonymous bloggers who upload their content following the same rules? Is it a question of our everyday life, or is it a question of our personality?

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