Super pleasant surprise at Costa in Wantage – review

I posted previously that our local Costa is not my favorite place simply because it is not clean (at least not up to my standards of cleanness – and here I mainly refer to the state of tables). It’s interesting to see though that my personal relationship with this brand and place changed recently due to a pretty good product. I was really pleasantly surprised to try their new coffee drink – Cortado:

Welcome Cortado, the brilliant new drink that’s set to change the way you enjoy coffee. Made with one shot of pure Mocha Italia espresso and a smooth layer of milk; it’s the short way to enjoy a long lasting coffee lift.

See I am not much of a cappuccino fan. I like my coffee black and strong. I only ask for milk in my coffee when I feel that my stomach simply cannot take more black coffee. It’s sad and I wish more coffee places in the UK had the habit of providing clear water next to black coffee. I remember that in Budapest with on-going supply of crystal clean water next to my short black cuppa I would never have problems of this kind. Thus I am really happy that Costa’s Cortado has a perfect ratio of milk to coffee. It is delicious and I do not remember when was the last time I used the term for any coffee drink containing milk;)

Saying that I need to check with the local branch one fact – on the site they state that it contains one shot of espresso, but I clearly remember being told there were two shots in my drink….

In any case I really enjoyed my Cortado at Costa in Wantage and I think I might just go back to have another one and take another picture of pretty latte art;) 

My Rating: 

  • aroma: 8/10
  • acidity: 7/10
  • body: 9/10
  • flavour/aftertaste 8/10
  • overall rating: 5 stars


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