Dementia Champion training

Yesterday was a great training day for me. I went to Bristol to attend a Dementia Champion training with Alzheimer’s Society. I assumed that it would be a basic session about dementia and I volunteered to expand my knowledge about it with the hope of spreading the word locally. I was so impressed with the charity and their really well-prepared package, approach to dementia awareness and to volunteers too. I was in a room full of people with vast amount of professional and personal experience with dementia so I have learned a lot from the discussions with them too.

I start to understand a bit more the wide range of support required for people with dementia and their carers. I understand all the tabu topics surrounding it – things I was not even remotely considering, attitudes that I think really belong to past centuries and yet, I am told, still dominate our society. I was terrified, moved, uplifted and supported at the same time.

I also start to consider continuing my therapy studies in Bristol – it’s not far from my town and the wide range of people here is so inspiring. I think studying in a larger community might mean that my personal experience and realisation of a wider range of biases will be more useful for my future work. I need to think about it more.

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