What would your first blog post be?

I should probably introduce myself and explain why I am here. 

My name is Sylwia Presley and I am…well, let’s see…a geek, a social media consultant, a mother, an occasional writer and poet, a photographer, a citizen journalist and activist blogger…event organiser and probably many more. I write about it all over at, but here I would like to focus on my major passion and one of my dreams: coffee. 

I do not know much about coffee, you see. I have to be honest. I am very ignorant when it comes to many things, including some of the things I am passionate about. Thus I thought it would be nice to dedicate more time to studies of one of my passions. There is also a less rational reason behind the origins of this blog – a part of me fell in love with Mexico and still looks for a tangible reason to go back there for longer than a month. Over the last few years my dream has come to a new form: I figured that maybe – only maybe – I could actually one day have a tiny fair trade coffee plantation in Mexico. It probably sounds crazy though the more I discuss the matter with my friends, the more serious the prospect becomes. So why not try to navigate at least a bit of my life towards one of my dreams?

You see, I believe that if we invest a little bit of interest and open up to new narratives, we might just experience few little miracles. At least I have when it comes to blogging, so I decided to start a new story, a new journey if you like – towards one of my dreams and towards learning more about this bevarage we consume on a daily basis. I can only hope that my investigation will be interesting enough for some of you to join in. Let’s begin! 

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