Attending #actionaidblogparty

I was kindly asked to post about the event I was invited to and share my thoughts, or rather the motivations behind my involvement in ActionAid UK’s Summer Party for bloggers. First of all, I am really honoured to be invited and participate in an event which ticks off almost all my boxes – mum blogger, nonprofit fan and practitioner, social media addict…but this is not really the key. I am very impressed that Action Aid are working consistently with relevant bloggers, open up their doors and share their work. Trust me, working in this industry for more than a few years now I know how much of a shift that is for a large nonprofit organisation.

So I am going with a lovely friend and hope to learn more about ActionAid work, but also catch up with fellow mum and dad bloggers and hopefully meet up with few new ones too!

I think you can still join too if you fill out the invite form here.

Agenda is below:

Penny ( and Gemma ( be giving a special session on how you can get involved.

Alex Graham – the CEO of Wall to Wall the award winning independent TV production company who have brought us fabulous shows like Who Do You Think You Are? and  The Voice UK – will be speaking about his experience of visiting our work in Burma/Myanmar.

Jimi Mistry will also be talking about his first-hand experience visiting our work and what it means to him to be a child sponsor.

ActionAid’s Digital Producer Louise will be offering top tips on how to make the most out of blogging and social media.

Hope to see you there!:)

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