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I am very privileged to be invited to the third edition of TH!NK in Brussels this March! Very impressed with Diego’s blog from the last edition I applied to take part in this year’s competition which resulted in an invitation! I really hope Diego will be there this year too! During the Like Minds 2010 yesterday I flagged up the difference between journalism and blogging as way of presenting facts, where bloggers focus on opinions, and journalists created edited and checked content (very, very simplified distinction, nonetheless valid when it comes to building trust around delivery of facts and looking at citizen journalism and where that fits in). In response to that I was faced with different look at it – where journalism is a profession, blogging is about the form of presenting content – I feel a bit weary of this distinction, but probably because I know more of blogging than journalism and somehow I feel my point was made based on content not form. Jeff Jarvis is writing a blog – yes, but its content is private and opinionated, as opposed to what he posts in press (yes, cheekily linking to someone who is actually posting about the issue himself;). Comparing profession to a form was not my intention, on the contrary, I talked purely about content. When we talked about it with bloggers and journalists in Cairo it became apparent that journalists are worried about the impact blogging (as an activity, not form) will have on the press in those challenging times, when news needs to re-evaluate their business model. I am happy to see leading bloggers working with journalists and vice versa. I am happy to see an increase in the importance of trust in building the online presence of a blogger. I am happy to see journalists involved in citizen journalism. And I am very happy that Global Voices is there providing a quite unique twist channelling the citizen journalists and bloggers content because mainstream media start to refer to it to enhance the perspectives on events – which at the end of the day is the ultimate aim. I am glad that my point generated discussion though! I am happy to see every single instance of questioning one’s opinions and I really hope that TH!NK will give me a chance for more of that;) Stay tuned for more updates!


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