Celebrating 7th Birthday of London Girl Geek Dinners

The Girl Geek Dinners is a series of networking events running around the globe to discuss topics related to women in tech. Last week the London group celebrated its 7th Birthday which gave me a great opportunity to catch up with few inspiring ladies and gentlemen living and working in our capitol. I have really enjoyed the presentations, loved the wine (thank you @NakedWines!) and came home with a goodie bag (Moshy Monsters jelly beans were a perfect present to my small geek!;)). But most of all I have enjoyed the celebration itself. SEVEN years of networking to encourage women to participate more actively in the world of technology. That’s quite impressive! I would like to think that nowadays events like GGD are not needed anymore, but judging from the ratio of women at LeWeb London I think women need to be a bit more active, assertive and proud of their work in the world of technology. Do not get me wrong, I think ultimately it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl starting this path but is really what I think it is? Can we sit back and assume that all women will be equal? Can we assume that they will be motivated to apply for jobs in science, tech, it as often as boys are?  I do not have the right answer. I am sure it’s complex. But whatever is the case I think Girl Geek Dinners do a great job bringing people together around those topics! Big hug to all the sponsors but most of all to the organisers! Great work and great event!

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