World Well-Being Project

I think it was a really good idea to study positive psychology this summer and autumn. I am finding it fascinating, obvious, uplisting but also extremely practical – a lot of well-being practices and positive interventions have worked for me in the past, I just wasn’t aware of the fact that modern psychology is actually looking at the science behind them. Today I was learning about various applications of positive psychology in the new tech and social media landscape and came across the World Well-Being Project. Back in my first UK job I remember running sentiment analysis of social media conversations from the commercial point of view, so the findings of depression and other areas of mental health through analysis of social media conversations are now a new idea to me. I really appreciate however that this work is funded, published and shared mostly for free. The entire field of cyberpsychology is not new either so as I am revising all the core psychology in my studies I am quietly also getting really excited about the new frontiers of it too.

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