On my Nameday, I feel such a mix of emotions. I used to celebrate it with my Dad but he is now gone and has been for many years. I used to celebrate it a lot on my own, in my own quiet way, reconnecting with my Roman name, Tatar roots, Polish Lithuanian ancestors. Each year is somewhat different but since 2019 it is also the Birthday of my business. @VoxelHubOrg is the third digital start-up I am building and it is slowly shaping up. This year feels so much steadier, richer. But the work, it goes back a bit. Pretty much since 2014-2015 I was preparing, testing, making space, intentionally arranging life in such a way that now I can build this baby in a balanced way, without stress or rushing it off. We go softly. We build the foundations and every 3rd of November, check-in. We invest in impact. But, it takes a village. So it’s the day of saying thanks to people who make this work possible. And a day of reflecting on its mission too. Hence the book, a stark reminder of what is ahead of us and how we need to stay awake, work hard, reconnect with each other, build alliances and bridges. We need to guard the progress we are making. One step, one person at a time. Thank you to every person who is with me. I am standing on the shoulders of you, giants who came before me and who walk alongside me now. We do this for the giants who are growing up and will take over from us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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