Why do you work in fundraising sector?

Ok, the question is probably too generic and it has been asked many times before but for the purpose of finishing my first book I have used the opportunity of a session at #fundraisingcamp to investigate various paths fundraisers take in their career building. I am particularly interested in how the social web is influencing our choices, if at all.

I came back home with few very valuable, inspirational quotes. Russel Squire’s (NSPCC) words reflect the way I feel about blogging so I am sure I will use them in my book. When asked why he is still with NSPCC if as an experienced fundraiser he could potentially have even a better work in commercial sector, Russel said:

It’s me within it, very much authentic expression of myself.

Now how many of us can say this about our work? If we don’t feel this way about our jobs how can we navigate towards the jobs of our dreams? Is it possible to identify a particular job or should we think about lifestyle, particular industry, size of the organisation we would like to work for? I would like to think that the social web allows us to connect with our true self easier, but just because I think and feel so that is not to say it’s really happening. I am still not sure but the more I write and talk to people about this topic, I am more and more inspired to investigate it a bit more;) I hope to bring something back to you very soon!


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