What matters now…

Oh, how many times have I asked myself this question in recent months! And today @ernestopriego asked me during lunch – how come I post so much! Well, funnily enough, I am still convinced I do not post enough. Even though my friends tell me off for being too hard on myself, I remain stubborn that I should be doing more. I think I could do more, but I need time off – of the web, off work, off creation – simply time to sit down, enjoy the music and the lovely view from my living room on the garden and wandering clouds. There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset from my sofa with a little boy cuddled in my arms, cheek to cheek! Only then can I go back to the great, common, more and more open minded and supportive on-line community and read another good piece of modern philosophy! (Click through and download the free copy of e-book published by Seth Godin and his friends.) It’s time for real-time – as Le Web proves it – and it’s time to make things happen, so stay inspiring!

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