Oxford Geek Night 11

…was the first of three events I attended last week (not really feeling like posting – and I do apologise, it’s my overly depressive mood that is affecting my writing, but I really need to share my thoughts before the next lot happens;)). Oxford Geek Night is established now as a source of great info, developments and a brilliant way to spend an evening with people who LOVE talking geeky. After a drink and dinner with Amanda (with a flavour of ‘spot the geek’ game;)) we joined the crowd upstairs.The presentations were great! I really liked listening to Mike Kus talking about his approach to creativity – I loved the presentation too! Other slots we equally interesting and I do apologise for being grumpy and disappearing so quickly.

Do check the conversations about #OGN, photos and the event site. It’s worth it! The crowd was brilliant, it was good to see few of you there and have a chat. I cannot wait to see you all at the BarCamp!;)

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