Thank you to the people who inspired me in 2011!

As I am heading towards my next Birthday I decided to extend my period of evaluation of 2011 and I would like to thank few people who have inspired me last year. I want you to know them too, because they are worth following on Twitter and talking to! Some of those people were my clients, others I have met at events. Some of them I have been in touch over e-mail, social media. Others I have met in person. All of them have shaped me into a better person. So, here is my thank you list though I am sure this is just a small chunk of all great relationships I got to benefit from in 2011!

Louise Odquier from ActionAid UK

I have worked with Louise on a pretty complex project in January and I have learned that in some cases you need to be patient with your expectations. Thank you for that, Louise!

Gabriela Ehrlich from the IEC

I have worked with Gabriela a lot in 2011 and I have to say that she has been a great inspiration to me. I have learned, sharpened my balance between work and life, seriousness and smile. Thank you, Gabriela! 

Richard Turner from Solar Aid

I have worked with Richard but we have also met in few events in 2011. He was always extremely engaging and energising. He was very open to new ideas and always took notes when new ideas were on the table! Thank you, Richard!

Howard Lake 

Howard has been great in sharing all the new tools and ideas with me in 2011. In terms of social media, he was always there to discuss the new developments! Thank you, Howard!

Kedar Iyer 

After few presentations at Barcamp UAE over Skype and various conversations in social media this summer I have finally met Kedar in London! It’s a great feeling to meet someone “again”, sit down and have a beer while discussing current trends in social media and sustainability. Thank you, Kedar!

Deepak Goel from Drizzlin

We have worked together a while ago, so it was really good to see Deepak back in London in 2011. We had a good meetup-crawl and series of really inspiring conversations about the future of social media consultancy. Thank you for that, Deepak!

Claire Thompson

I have been really happy to meet Claire in London and quite recently in a very relaxing small tweetup in our area too – we both seem to be busy, but we finally had an opportunity to sit down and chat a bit. Claire has thought me to take time, though she probably does not realise it;) Thank you, Claire!

Lucy Gower

Lucy has tought me balance and inspired me to experiment with new ideas! Thank you for that, Lucy!

Amy Oberholzer

Amy has been a great networker and such a kind person to me in 2011! She has that thing that makes people listen! Thank you, Lucy!

Renata Avila from CC and Global Voices

I love Ranata for her enthusiasm and amazing smile! She is so supportive! She completely astonished me in summer when I looked for “a Spanish Catalan and/or Swedish” speaker introducing me to a great person who speaks both languages! All this within a day! Thank you for all your kindness, Renata!

Catherine Woodhead from Prince’s Foundation

We have collaborated on a pretty huge project and I have learned that the real change needs consistent approach and a smile! Thank you, Catherine!

Euan Semple

Euan has been a great mentor to me in 2011. His book published in December has thought me…gosh, not sure where to start…I will blog about it separately…it has made me more confident in truths about tech I believe in and opened my eyes to new ideas that I was yet unable to define. Thank you, Euan!

David Dixon

David Dixon was really, really supportive and thought me few basic truths about fundraising. I am really, really grateful for that! Thank you, David.

Nick Watts

Nick has thought me to be positive! Sounds easy, but 2011 was sometimes a bit challenging to me and I think I could have coped with some changes better. Nick reminded me that we create our own happiness every minute! Thank you, Nick!

There are two very close friends – Agnieszka and Krysia. I would like to thank them simply for being there.

But most warm thank you goes to the geek who makes my every single day happy – @zerolab. I have no words how much his friendship means to me, so let me just say simple thank you!

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