Venice without tourists

…is fiction, but…this is exactly how I would like to see it all the time. Of course, it is impossible. I am one of the crowd who arrives at this still majestic city in search of glory in its brilliantly carved stones, fabulous bridges, proud people and more commercial image of old times – games, masks, Pinocchio toys in small shops scattered all around the city. Venice was magnificent once, but equally horrifying. I have just learned that the two sculptures working on the famous carvings of the clock on St. Marks square were actually blinded not to repeat the work for someone else! The glass blowers used to live marvellous and honourable life but one lived under the threat of a murder if they would ever decide to leave the city. The fight for power was played in the darkest of the darkest of streets and channels of Venice – so now that I look at the city in the evening light I start to realize the true depth of its corners. Yet, there is always something extremely attractive about the mixture of water, stones, glass and all their colours that make me want to come back – even if I am here in the crowd of random tourists who change the shades of day and night with their cameras. Well, just like me;)


  • Gabriela

    The title of this post made me think of a song by Charles Aznavour: Venecia sin ti (Venice without you).Every city has her own mystery, her own scent, her own charm. And irt seems to me you’ve found all that in Venice… and much more.

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