Colin Mercer on the Inter-Web – interview with Colin

Here’s the second of my blogger interviews. Check Colin’s site before you read it:)

Sylwia: How did you start your adventure with blogging? When? Why?
Colin: A multi thread question, a lovely place to start, at the beginning. My first experience of blogging came from being called into my boss’s office and being told that I had to start blogging and that was that. This was a corporate blog which I was the sole person contributing on for around 6-8 months. I probably shouldn’t say much more about it, a quick Google search for “colinm blog” should make it pretty obvious though.That’s the boring, accurate answer out the way, onto why I started blogging at I honestly don’t remember, I have had the domain for a little while, then the opportunity of hosting came up so I thought why not give it a go again. Being back involved in the industry after uni meant that I had some time on my hands to experiment and get involved so I did and Colin Mercer on the inter-web is the outcome.Syl: Does your blog reflect your private life? Does your blog affect it?
Colin: Almost entirely, everything I blog about is private life-related. I am a keen life blogger, which means that when something happens I like to blog about it instantly. Whether this is a picture of me in the pub with some mates, or whatever, I like to throw it straight up. Until very recently I have kept my blog based entirely on my personal/private life, now I have started to add in some more things about work and other topics.

The only effect the blog has had on my private life is positive, opening the door to meeting a wealth of new and wonderful people who previously I would not have had any contact with.

Syl: You post a lot about your company’s projects/events. Am I right you are a fan of full transparency when it comes to marketing?
Colin: This is something which has changed a fair amount in the recent weeks until now I have stayed away from posting about what I do with work. Previously I would post about work situations, or happenings at work, or places I was going to work without a reference to who I work for. This I suspect will continue as I want to keep up some separation from my blog and my work.

Full transparency in marketing is something I am 100% behind, as you know, I spend a good whack of my time at work striving to achieve this. I feel that this does not affect my decision not to post about work on the blog as I am far from running a marketing blog.

Syl: You have several presences online. What is their role in relation to your blog? Which one is your favorite and why?
Colin: I do indeed have several presences, my latest challenge is to tick all the boxes on, and undoubtedly I will get bored very quickly. Their role I guess is to try and increase the awareness people have of my blog, the overall aim would be to get my opinions in front of as many people as I can. However, in practice, the blog merely acts as a tag to link all the presences together and gives people I encounter on individual sites the opportunity to find out a bit more about me.

My favorite site is clearly Twitter, I find it very easy to update and keep up with the people I want to keep up to date with. I also love the Jaiku, but find this much harder to follow than Twitter is.

Syl: How about your friends, do they blog? Do they use Twitter?
Colin: I have a few friends who blog, this number is ever growing as I slowly but surely convince my existing friends to start blogging and make friends with people who are already blogging. I would say a higher percentage of my existing friends use Twitter than a blog, coincidentally, in the last few days, I have had a number of people ask me to explain “this Twitter thing” to them, which is encouraging.

Syl: What does the blogging mean to you (in three key words)?
Colin: Meaningful, empowering, brain-splat

Syl: I want to publish part of this interview on bar mleczny ( if that’s OK, hence my next question:
Colin: What is your favorite dish? Do you cook?
Being an English male, Steak, Chips, Peas, Green Beans and English Mustard wins the day. Yes, I love to cook, I wouldn’t say I’m great but I like to experiment and find great satisfaction in accomplishing an edible meal.

Syl: What is your favorite foreign cuisine?
Colin: Curry, however, I’m pretty sure that the curry I like isn’t actually foreign cuisine, just our version of foreign cuisine. So I will also say Mexican, things like Fajitas, Tacos, etc.

Syl: If we were to have a Polish cuisine evening once based around cooking and eating and possibly drinking Polish shizzle, would you join us?
Colin: YES – you bring the vodka, I’ll get the cucumber!

Thank you, Colin!


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