Topics for Autumn 2014

We have updated our info page with topics for our first semester. We will do our best to cover as many as we can, most of them through play in and outside of the game itself. Here they are:

  • Experimenting with building and crafting on your own devices (offline)
  • Safe Internet Practice, tech and health (preparing to play online in Realms, basic rules of how much time we should be spending online, healthy posture)
  • Science and Minecraft (crystals, architecture, plants and animals, geography and map reading)
  • Maths (multiplying, counting, planning constructions, using Minecraft to learn times tables)
  • Literacy (journal writing, writing a Minecraft story, typing vs hand writing, writing crafting instructions)
  • Arts and crafts (3D modelling, paper crafts, designing your avatars, Minecraft skins, Minecraft decorations)
  • History (King Alfred and his times in Wantage, Minecraft resource packs)

Below you can find just a few examples of how Minecraft can be used for education – one-to-one lesson of maths, group work with physics and an offline experiment recreated in Minecraft. Enjoy!

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