Notes from our first session

We had a great first session yesterday! I think children were fantastic in introducing themselves and talking about their passion for Minecraft. It was also nice to see parents staying with us and helping!

We have talked about our achievements scheme: children will work towards a title of Minecraft Master so they will need to showcase five major Minecraft skills but also choose their personal achievements. This way they will also focus on their own progress, not just group work.

Everybody was  impressed with Finley’s video and the fact he has used Minecraft to complete his school home work:

We have then moved to the actual Minecraft play and work. We have asked all club members to build anything in 15 minutes but they had present it to the group later on. I think everyone did amazing job in focussing on their screen and when asked, presenting brilliant buildings, landscape design, natural scenes, ships and people. All this in 15 minutes!

At the end of the session we have been designing our skins, just like this one:


We have also talked a little bit about safe Internet practice and respectful, kind behaviour when playing Minecraft together with others. We are now practicing it in our Wantage Minecraft Realm and looking forward to our next session!


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