On kindness

Ah, what a day. I guess we learn more about people when our relationship with them is put to test. I lost someone today. I was trying to be kind. I was trying to be supportive. I was trying to stay factual. All of this resulted in anger. Communication is tricky but it always depends on both sender and receiver.  Running a home, son’s education and a small business equal three jobs. I run a local children club. I volunteer for a few causes. I am also preparing to study. I have no space for personal attacks in my life and I am learning the power of resilience. I refuse to surround myself with people who are untrue.  I lost someone and it’s not a good feeling but I am happy to see that my resilience levels are much higher than a few years back. People who remain in my life are driven by solutions, resolutions, dialogue and willingness to remain kind. Technology – as always – can bring us even closer or divide completely: I emailed about 80 people today. One response was angry. Rest understanding, kind, supportive and super-kind. But somewhere, inside, all those kind words are just about enough to equal that one, horrible one.


I know that negative feelings hit us much harder which is why I am embracing all the good people and saying my thanks to all of them. Thank you for being here and supporting me on my journey. We are in this life together.

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