Each year about this time here in the U.K. there is one day when nature suddenly welcomes the warmth and everything starts growing. I adore that day and always wait for it impatiently but I was so tired yesterday (two therapy sessions, one in VR so quite deep and unexpected) that I only noticed our fog tree’s leaves opened up like little palms.

Today I found this tree in an abundance of leaves while just a few days ago it was a bunch of sticks! It’s happening and from now on everything will grow super fast. So the fig tree has leaves half the size of my palm already, with fruit bursting with baby life. My Dutch clematis is in full bloom, so are bluebells and wild garlic and even one-year-old rosemary too! For those of us who are nature lovers, this is a special spring, challenging times but such a relief and boost of energy for nature. I cannot wait for my peonies, roses and dahlias.

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