On health and other habits

2015 is my year of learning to be healthy (and fit) and to manage money well. Both are super hard for me but I feel that if not now, I will never learn to take care of myself and thus for others. I have spent entire 2014 learning about habits, preparing. I studied books, took free online courses and confronting my current habits too. Slowly started working on overwriting my current emotional and physical habits with new ones. I sleep more. I eat a little bit better (though this might be an entirely new challenge for 2016;)). I meditated a lot and learned about mindfulness – peace became the centre of my life, it replaced the passion, mad restlessness… This spring was very difficult as I needed to work on my company’s financial future and overall goals but once I got that out of the way I could finally start making time for my health. I am not sure how you work but I work in phases and – I think like many women – many topics exist in my daily focus on a parallel basis. So I might be mainly working on finance of my company or on a Pixel Club or other local cause, but the ‘how’ is still focussed on my yearly resolutions. I also gained a lot of time. That time is now used to get back to shape. But I have struggled immensely with the notion of exercise, gym or running. So – as always – I reached out to people around me, shared my worries, ASKED for help. And guess what? Help was given:) One of our mums at school directed me to a local running club – which changed my take on running and health in general. During one of the local business meetings I have listened to a sports coach explaining the idea of the body as our vehicle, the difference between fitness and competitive exercise, the ideas behind how we care for yourself and about death (hey, why not, right?). I started servicing the local pilates studio with social media support and learned so so so much about muscles and heart. I have gone back to dance helping my neighbour to kick off her business (she is so talented and so professional I could not decline and now I am addicted!). I went back to yoga and daily meditation. I managed to fit it all in because I KNOW how it all works, why it is important and who can help me. I know I cannot do it on my own. Now that I do it with great mentors and friends I know I will never go back to quiet days without any movement.

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