Poland today

My country is in the state of deep sadness today. We have lost our President, his wife as well as many leaders and representatives of various areas of Polish life. As every accident, it took us by surprise. I personally, despite having written a post for Global Voices, still cannot comprehend it. We seek explanations, we look for comfort, we cry. It’s extremely difficult times for my homeland, and all I can do is join everyone else in putting on dark colours and sharing the grief. If you are a believer, pray for those who passed away so abruptly but also for the rest of the nation. If you believe in the power of ourselves, please send us words of comfort. If you know a Polish person, please say a kind word to them. Regardless of where we are today, we are all living the tragedy of what happened in Russia.

I only hope that the tragedy will help us and our Russian neighbours unite, put aside the divide caused by the history of Katyn, and focus on re-building our future in peace.

“Let’s rush to love people, they go away so fast” Jan Twardowski


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