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NSPCC is currently looking into children safety online and I fully support their work. They post few relevant tips on how to ensure your kids know how to use the web – obviously you cannot control, not know how they behave online all the time

1. Never give out personal details.
2. Explain to your children what information about them is personal.
3. Think carefully about the information and pictures.
4. The internet is not a private space.
5. Do not believe or respond to spam.
6. Do not open files from people you don’t know.
7. Some people lie online.
8. Always keep communication open.

At the same time, I have found a flyer produced by Childnet International (great site with brilliant resources to work with children) in our local library addressing the very same issue (see photos above) which points out one serious thread – what about kids whose parents are NOT social media savvy? How do we protect them? I am so sure I will teach my son to be web-responsible, at least I try to think so. However, I am not sure I know how to do it. SoI think it’s time to study the topic:

ThinkUKnow UK

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre


I think I will start with those, and with signing the NSPCC petition to Prime Minister, to as they put it nicely ‘make the internet a safer place for children’ here.

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