Meeting online friends

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Work has taken me to Amsterdam this week. On the way in I got hold of a virtual friend, @PaulusVeltman, who was available for lunch! How lucky! And how very inspiring! Paul knows everything about Twitter and spends 200% of his time on educating people in the usage of how we agreed to call it – NEW media;) He showed me the place where geeks meet to discuss projects, business and life – Cafe Kobalt. It is such a privilege for me to know him and be able to share ideas, listen to very inspiring plans he has and simply have a coffee! I have learned quite a bit about Dutch social media and a little bit about nonprofits here too, but most of all felt yet again the magic of meeting people, whom we converse with on-line, in reality. And there is nothing better than that. I stay inspired and as I walk the streets of Amsterdam – pretty jealous of him, who lives here and walks those streets every day;)


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