Barcamp Nonprofits Oxford

It looked like a very busy fall, but now that the Barcamp Transparency UK was moved to spring, I am fully focusing on Barcamp Nonprofits (which anyway will address transparency issues too). The wiki and website are up, Twitter feed is active and first guests speakers are already flagging up their ideas for sessions. I am personally really excited about the range of topics on both sides of the social media-nonprofits scale: from accessibility and transparency, through specific projects like Twestival or Wychwood blogger engagement, to the challenged on the organisational level. I really hope we will be able to bring as many various aspects of social media for nonprofits as possible, and ultimately provide the bridge between two worlds. I must warn you though that this barcamp might be a bit different from the previous events hosted in Oxford, as it will address mixed audiences. One one side we have social media and IT professionals, on the other nonprofit employees and activists. Clearly, both audiences have many cross overs but we needed to adjust at least the description of the event a bit. Hence why you will see a list of proposed sessions and list of speakers – and here by speakers, I mean every single person who has an idea for the sessions. We do this to show all new attendees the potential of the event and really what they can expect. I hope it works, and I hope you will like it. Tickets (free entry) will be available on Sunday at midday GMT. Initial thank you hug goes to Voice, JustGiving and Gemma for support!:)


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