Co-organising the Wantage Summer Festival

Do you know any local events that were always there but somehow did not occur to you? Wantage Summer Festival always seemed a little bit like that to me, especially when I was working full time and hardly had time to enjoy our local life. Over the course of last few years I have met so many fascinating people in Wantage that the Summer Festival gained on its true meaning to me and so this spring – when I learned that it is not going to happen anymore – I decided to help out a bit. Linda, my friend, and I took over the organising of this series of events and hopefully will continue its tradition. I hope that this way my free time and skills are going to be well used. (Initial Facebook fan page stats show indeed just how much people care for this festival!).

So if you are around this summer and would like to help out but also meet those people in town who really get involved and care do join our open brain storming meetings. Thank you!



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