December Manifesto – Polish bloggers want Christmas back in December!

December Manifesto. Let’s free November from Christmas!’

What a brilliant idea! Social media against PR and all the marketing craziness kicking off at the beginning at the beginning of November and pushing the thought of Christmas celebration into our lives! How annoying! Do I really need to explain how upsetting it is? You all know it well! My son is in love with every little Christmas tree in local shops! (I cannot, I WILL not put up one now!!!). I am not interested in all the magical decorations, and I do not think about Christmas presents yet! What do I care about Take That spending Christmas Eve with girls from Marks & Spencer  – few times a day a day, in between documentary at Channel 4!:/ grrr…

You see, I find it actually quite frustrating. Marketing is demolishing quite a long tradition of waiting for few special days. I cultivate my Polish heritage even more as an expat mom, and in Poland, we put the Christmas tree up DAY before Christmas Eve! We write a letter to Santa on the 6th of December (Santa day) asking for presents – we meditate those for the remaining part of that month. Catholics spend last 4 weeks before Christmas in a special state of quiet waiting…

So I fully support December Manifesto!Polish bloggers are asking marketers to step back and start their Christmas promotions in December, not earlier:

‘We ensure you – Christmas was celebrated since centuries so we perfectly remember when to buy the presents and decorations. You can stay assured though that we will not do so in October, not November.’

If you want to join – sign the Manifesto together with the rest (1622 bloggers so far) or offer your support in translating the Manifesto text into other languages. I hope to do the English and Hungarian one soon!


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