Barcamp London 6

It was really interesting to take part in Barcamp London 6 just a week before the BarCamp in Oxford! I really just had a few hours, but I managed to take part in few interesting sessions and talk to few amazing people! Quite in a rush, I decided to quickly propose a session on Twitter ethics – simply because previous one was based on Twitter presence too. The insights on the Twitter presence of individuals and large companies like BBC opened my eyes to new challenges of this constantly developing platform, where accepted behaviour also changes gradually.

  • Do you, for instance, make a note of your intentions to post in several languages on your Twitter bio? Should we?
  • If you are dealing with a large client who expects several accounts, how do you handle their main Twitter account? Who and how manages it?
  • Is customer service possible, ethical and effective via Twitter? Under what circumstances?
  • Is Twitter celebrity phenomenon worth ‘following’?

Those and plenty of other questions were a result of a day at the Barcamp! If it were not for an important weekend plan, I am sure I would have truly enjoyed the rest of it:) Weekend plans do take priority though sometimes, so I am happy I could be at the BarCamp for a while. I learned a lot! (pix on my Flickr soon, but check the event site and Slideshare for more info). Thank you to the Guardian for hosting it and the other sponsors for making it happen! Great stuff!


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