Winning European Blogging Competition

I am seriously back with my readings. So badly, that I missed the announcement on the last group of THINK3 European Blogging Competition winners who will be going to Kenya in February 2010. And guess what…I am on the list! I cannot express how happy I am that my posts (also cross-posted on this blog) have earned me the privilege to join the great team of ambitious bloggers and journalists on that trip!

So what happens now? I took some time off THINK3 and I am not sure when I can go back, but I am glad that others keep posting and slowly prepare the ground for our reporting trip to Kenya. For a start, I really recommend Benno’s post here.

What will happen in February 2011?

The lucky winners will travel to Kenya on an exclusive reporting trip, which will include:

1) Visits to Dutch-funded projects in and around Nairobi

2) Visit at the very first Millennium Village which is in Kisumu. The trip will be 5-full days (excl. travel time) on 31st January- 4th February 2011.

Sounds very exciting and once again I would like to thank my current colleagues for supporting my efforts all the way!;) Now, I guess I better prepare even more. And by the way – if you are interested in participating in the next competition, you will need to post about climate change and do it by the 15th of December 2010 – all the info is here.


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