Why do you work for a nonprofit?

Back in April Alex asked me to respond to his post. I am sorry it took so long – here it is though. Why did I get involved in charity? Well, I guess to sum up I always felt that I want to help people. I cannot say just how far back it dates – I was raised in a Catholic family, I was an active member of Polish Scouting and I was surrounded by charitable people (which just for the record is not as popular in my homeland as it is in the UK). I think there is a more personal reason though – I had someone really really close in my childhood often terrorising me with the statement that “I have no heart!” – as cruel as it sounds this particular person has shaped my almost rebellious attitude towards ignorance and indifference. I think in early years of my life I always wanted to prove them wrong but with time my charitable activities shaped a habit, I good habit I hope. Occasionally I would take it to extreme, sometimes I would focus more on my marketing/business related work. When I moved to the UK my life has tested me again and I have landed in a situation in which I myself required a lot of support so since then I think another reason for me to get involved is that underlying feeling that I owe something to this world. But maybe I just see it this way and my perspective is again driven more by habit? At the end of the day if you hear from someone that true, deep, honest “thank you” you probably forger about your reasons and focus on repeating it all over again. I dare to think that volunteering, work for a charity or other ways of helping others can be addictive too. In a good way. 

Alex, I hope this answers your question but I am happy to discuss in more detail.


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