On Zen Buddhism

I have just finished Steve Hagen’s ‘Buddhism is not what you think’ –  my first book this summer. And it is one challenging summer indeed – I have been ill for a month now, my puppy was operated and injured – needs constant attention, my son was also poorly and now my husband suffers too. Somehow the physical pain and limitations in this lovely, sunny weather test my patience less than usual. I think it is because I have finally made peace with my values and outlook on life. To understand that though I had to spot and read Hagen’s book in our local library (yes, I am one of those crazy ones who, despite Amazon shopping, still go there;)).

At the university, I had my time of experimentation and so I have also tried and tested Zen Buddhism, but somehow I needed to test many more beliefs and convictions. Today I feel that I have arrived at the point when I am at peace with myself and the world in the views represented and explained by Zen Buddhist, so I think I will embrace it even more in the near future.

Ego, attachment to matter, the suffering of guilt and longing, blindness and numbness of senses – all due to the lack of clear seeing and because of our great need to overthink everything. Yes, I know, we are those educated, sophisticated feeling mechanisms but there is so much more beyond just us – with pretty undefined boundaries of the outer and inner world. Even scientifically speaking we cannot really break down the boundaries of our bodies, surroundings, and nature easily. All those atoms, energy and change pose a challenge for our mind which cannot even be defined or confronted. Yet, if we look and see the world as it is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, I am sure we can be contempt, at peace, happy. Actually very often we already are!

If I look back at the last 4 weeks I cannot really complain. Yes, I have been stuck at home. Yes, I had limited access to sun and adventure – but spending time with my family, caring for them and talking about those limitations made us better, fuller, more at peace. We had quiet times, but those served us with time to think, to rest, to see our lives as they are. Right now and here perfectly fine.

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