She is silenced
As for many hearts who can see
She’s walking the corridors of her abandonment
Lightly, with her eyes half-closed over her stories unspoken
She is silenced

She is conflicted
She is never going to meet her Self again
Searching for the echo of her inner battles
She is picking up the lost pieces of her bleeding heart
She is conflicted

She is terrified
Walking her path slowly in the half shadows
And the half-truths of her untold stories
She is avoiding both the moon and the sun
She is terrified

Her female ancestors weep
As she enters her afterlife
With her story undocumented

This was written in February 2020. It is dedicated to a friend I lost. I pray she finds her way.

Photo by Aleksei Алексей Simonenko Симоненко on Unsplash

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