Time to Act with ActionAid UK

It is time to act, always. There will never be enough of work done in this area. Women in conflict experience so much horror that we do not even want to talk about it. We have to though! Every change starts with the fact that a story becomes important and is on the agenda of those in power and those who can work towards cultural and social changes on the ground.

I am writing this just to express my gratitude to ActioAid UK team for inviting me to the End Sexual Violence in Conflict Summit as a blogger – it was a privileged to be able to access the event in media capacity and I really wish I could have been there on all days. I only managed to get away from my every everyday for a day, but what a day it was! I think I will blog about it all throughout the summer, if not longer, but for now let me direct you to my first reactions here, here and here, on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and kindly ask you to support ActionAid UK in their work now, this month – simply because if we do it before the 25th of June our donations will be matched!

Thank you again to the ActionAid UK team, to all bloggers who attended and met up with us and to the organisers. important, impactful and life changing event.

Stay tuned for more updates on their work and on the topic!

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