On Authenticity

I had my phone interview for Marketing Academy yesterday. I was really ill and could hardly talk but I guess we should accept those moments as a challenge and embrace them. I was surprised to hear questions typical for…well, probably job interview, though I am not sure what I was expecting. Hence why I think my responses were really honest and genuine – I know how to talk about my skills and faults (we all had this raining over the years of job interviews) but when it comes to goals and our path the answers need to be really well formed. I hope I did my job well enough but in the meantime, I have learned quite a lot about the balance between preparing and not really following the patterns. Funnily enough, today’s post on Marketing Academy blog talks about authenticity! I think it’s important to understand who you are before committing to projects. I am currently in the phase of setting up two new projects myself (blog posts on the way) and another one on the way, so I am fascinated by the challenge of clarifying goals, the value of an idea and forms to articulate it. I think it’s important to find the balance between who we are and what we want to achieve with our ideas and the language our target audiences speak. It boils down to the balance between our own identity and the reality of our circumstances. In the world of social media, you would translate it to the tools+content+people mechanisms. In everyday life – well, common sense probably. So would it be a trained skill or a natural talent? This is the question I am pondering upon tonight!

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