The positivity ratio

Today I have learned more about positivity ratio and ordered Frederickson’s two books to catch up on more of her studies of positive psychology. I noticed that taking notes on paper helps me focus in the still challenging world of household and multitasking, so I will study more in the evenings and with written notes. I also started writing down main points from Gilbert’s book on compassion as it also contains a lot of positive psychology insights and I know I will find those notes useful when working. I know many books can be read on Kindly with notes there, but I want to read and make notes from core ones on paper. School starts tomorrow and I am happy that I paid for my counselling course for this year, prepared study space and time and core books. I will spend all year identifying online resources too and blogging about my journey.
I have also learned today about the wheel of emotions (above) – I feel I need to learn to name them all so Robert Plutchnik is a good start for that. I also have a book I got for fun read ‘The book of human emotions’ – I will get on with it after Gilbert. It contains cross-cultural perspective on emotions so I learned just from first few sections quite a lot of new feelings. At some point in the future, I will try to blog about each feeling too to emerge myself in them and to learn more about them.

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