Those two imperfect cups of cappuccino

    Today my enthusiasm took me all the way to the local store to purchase few additions to our kitchen and to try out our coffee machine in making a cappuccino. Initially, inspired by Gregory Gorham’s posters,  I wanted to make an Italian, Spanish or Irish coffee but I think it would look rather wild to purchase all required bottles of alcohol in one go! So I thought I’d take what is available (no Amaretto!?), try to make a cappuccino and improvise with the rest. Well, my version of Spanish coffee contained not Tia Maria with Rum but Amontillado (drink that inspired E.A. Poe to write one of his best and most terrifying stories, but also related to Montilla, little town in South of Spain which I happened to visit once). It was gentle, slightly sublime and very shocking when combined with chocolate and mint sauce (maybe a very bad idea or maybe something ti try out once again and see if I really like it). In any case very warm for a rainy afternoon! 

    @Zerolab tasted a cup of coffee with Kahlua (obviously I was happy to learn it’s a Mexan product!:)) topped with flakes of real chocolate he brought from Belarus (also great memory because it was as large as a regular brick, so Dawid and I were in heaven seeing this treat!). He liked it! 

    To be fair on our dear Dawid I have made a hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate and mint sauce. He loved the toppings and asked for more, obviously;) 


    We had a great treat in real Christmas spirit but I was really frustrated with the fact that I am still far away from a perfect cappuccino and closer to a good latte;). I have so much to learn!