Club #1134 for FashionRevolution in Wantage

    Over a year ago Emma, another mum from my son’s school, approached me to chat about starting a fashion blog. Today, I am really enjoying her posts over on her crispy new blog here but I am also getting drawn into her passion for upcycling and sustainable fashion. I am yet to blog about our trip to London for Vogue UK’s Birthday photo exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery (post on the way), but today I would like to write up my quick notes from Friday night. Emma starts a #1134 club in our town to promote sustainable fashion and to support Fashion Revolution, a movement born out of the tragedy in Rana Plaza complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1134 innocent people died back then due to our need for cheap clothes – and we are all responsible so we better learn to respect what we wear and who is making our clothes.


    This is why I was so excited to join Emma’s club – even though my own sewing skills are ridiculous – I hope to get inspired by all the other amazing women who know just so much about making their own clothes, upcycling and fixing clothing for their family. I know what you will say – a feminist like you should rage – but this is different. Here we are talking about basic skills to repair clothes instead of throwing them away and getting a new, very cheap piece produced by ‘someone somewhere far away in conditions we choose not to think, nor care about’.

    So I have visited Emma’s #1134 club’s first session last Friday and helped with live-tweeting the projects and general ideas from the night. I came home inspired, moved and even more motivated to think about what I wear. I spent over two years studying minimalism so I am at the point where what I do store in my house and wear is what I care for the most. I wonder how I can take this trend to the next level by learning to make my own corrections and maybe one day even my own clothes.

    Below tweets from the night. I find them all fascinating as I grew up with boys and sewing is not ‘my thing’ but I truly believe that we can all learn anything so why not this if I am surrounded by specialists?;) Wish me luck and them patience – they’re up for a challenge but I suspect they have no idea what awaits them!