Summer Competition Entries

Here is the reminder of our categories:

  1. Minecraft themed Word Art picture – all entries in this category need to be submitted on an A4 or A3 sheet of paper. They need to contain a hand made piece of calligraphy (collage with a Minecraft screenshot printed and added to the art piece is allowed, but please ensure that you write and draw on your work too). 

  2. Minecraft Story (at least 200 words) – all entries in this category have to be submitted in form of a typed editable text document (not .pdf file but a .doc file). 

  3. Wantage in Minecraft zone – work on your zone of Wantage in Minecraft and we will reward the best entries!

  4. A building in Minecraft – video tour – if you are up for a video tour build your home, a piece of architecture from the past or a famous construction – real are entirely made up. Then record a video tour around it and send us the file or the link to it. 

We have received submissions in three categories (thank you all so much!)and we will announce the winners on Saturday, but today we would like to share the submitted videos. Here is London Bridge by Bruce and Minecraft Home by Daniel. Enjoy!

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