Ready to go back!

I have now completed the Positive Psychology course on Coursera with Barbara Fredericton. I feel a great sense of accomplishment and a bit more confidence to start the offline studies tomorrow. Tomorrow is our first lesson and I feel prepared – which is rare. I guess as we grow up we need to feel more prepared? I used to risk and wait for the boost of energy in the last minute preparations but now I really want to relax while studying. I want to make time for it, take time while doing it and be really good in counselling once I get to practice. I have learned a lot about new psychology academics during this course. I learned about new trends. I also learned a little bit about the practice of counselling and psychotherapy in business, schools, personal coaching and in academic research area too. It gives me a good starting point to learn about the reality of the new profession too. I am trying not to think about all the other things I need to learn and my craving to learn it all. All the books I want to read, online courses I want to take. I am focussing on today’s learning. I find it symbolically significant that I start this new academic adventure with the subject of positive psychology and new, very suitable definition of love – the micro-moments of connection between people that shape our positive resonance and lead to better overall health and well-being!

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