Photography Festival in Oxford – lectures and children

It is so sad that people don’t take children to ‘serious’ lectures and our generational gap is ever so wide! Dawid really enjoyed the lecture on the birth of photography in Oxford recently. He was a bit overwhelmed with the type of audience – clearly, just the academic world of Oxford and guests, their friends, even I was feeling a bit ‘different’ to be honest. He did spend some time drawing in my notebook but loved the ideas related to note taking, cataloguing and just listening to two speakers who spent their entire life researching Henry Fox Talbot. I was more interested in the idea of scanning Talbot’s letters and using online collaboration to analyse the results faster, but I have to admit that I also loved the stories about his early photo projects. Very inspiring! So inspiring in fact that when I mentioned to my son that we would go to Oxford again he really wanted it to be another trip to a lecture.

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