One Fat Man running London Marathon…again!

Some of us are heroic once in our lifetimes. Some of us conduct heroic acts on an on-going basis treating illnesses, working in conflict areas, teaching next generations. Some of us experience one heroic moment and follow it up by more, more and more. One Fat Man started his preparations for the run in London Marathon and blogging about it in 2008. He described all this high and low points, he admitted his weaknesses and proudly described his strengths. He completed the run and managed to raise nice sum of money for RNIB last year. As you can imagine this process comes together with a temporary change of ones lifestyle, and we think it will be over soon. Well, this year One Fat Man seems even more addicted to running (just completed London Marathon and already thinks of the next occasion!) and dedicated to his cause. Do check out his blog and make sure you visit his justgiving site.  This effort and commitment is really motivating and life changing – for him, for RNIB and their work, and for all of us. More on this to come soon. I am also happy to see how social media works for raising money for charity! Just when I planned this post, I learned about @GlenLeSanto who is posting a novel on Twitter  for charity…I can’t wait to see that;)


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