My Top Blogging Tips 4: Various types of content and social media networks

Maybe in some cases, the design of our blog is awesome and drives a lot of traffic to the site but its real value lies in content. Now, most of us – the second wave of bloggers I happen to belong to – start our blogging with textual content, but it’s worth reaching out of our own comfort zone and adapt new tools, devices and share various types of content. Our kids are using digital cameras for fun so why would we not use it to bring more value and provide additional, visual experience to our readers? Our friends are using their iPhones to record short audio memos so why can we not use iPadio or Audioboo to run blog interviews and embed them on our site? And video content – it seems to be still the most popular type of sharing simply because it takes no times to view it and digest all messages.

But in some cases, we think that it’s not really worth the effort. Let me just suggest small steps. Try one of two new technologies. Ask your friends and family what is there, what they are using to share news and daily updates and adjust it to your blog, your needs. keep in mind that for the sake of promotion it’s better to use dedicated social networks and link to those from your site – this way you will reach multiple and well-targeted audiences. So embed Flickr widget or gallery on your site and keep uploading photos to your Flickr account. Start taking photos with your phone, share to Instagram and set it up to share to Flickr. This way they will also appear on your blog in Flickr widget. Saves you time and does the promotion for you.

Just one note on content: if you use photos or other types of content from various sites it’s a nice habit to mention the source – it also contributes to your own credibility! I strongly suggest using one of many and very flexible Creative Common licences for your texts, photos and other pieces of content. Add the licence to your sidebar – it means you are giving readers clear directions on how they can use your content. It also makes you look professional!

Be brave, engage and provide valuable experiences to your readers!

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