Media Camp London 3 – write up

This one is rather a late one, as I have already seen @BenjaminEllis, @Yvonne_PLM and @pcmcreative posting materials from it, whereas I spent my days on sleeping for 14 hrs (not done since Dawid was born:P) and recovering after two weeks of commuting to London:( So here is a quick write up of last Thursday’s event. Media Camp London 3 was my second event organised by @audio/ Social Media Mafia and once again I spent the day with very inspiring people.

After morning coffee with @Rubyxxcube (so happy we finally met) and warm up session on networking with @jobucks during which I met two Polish boys from Imre (very switched on when it comes to SEO – promised support on that:)), I listened to Jamie Riddell presenting his session on “Setting up a Business with No Investment and Succeeding”. As I am very interested in the process of setting up new businesses – not for me, but in the processes related to it – I was fortunate to see few issues a new company might face and might have to be prepared for. I think I agree with most points, although I did make it clear that in my opinion there will always be place for many social media agencies – no need to panic, let’s just let them all do a good job:) Benjamin Ellis, whom I was very happy to see again, once again spoke very inspiring thoughts – this time on management of creative people.  After lunch portion of Oxford gossip with @oxcom (thank you for sponsoring:)) and @ianwilliams, I presented my bit of social media ethics focussing on:

1. pointing out how much of our daily decision making is related to ethical questions;

2. encouraging event attendees to join the discussion, as I believe the abstract idea of social media ethics can only be grasped by questioning our values, freedoms and behaviours.

I am very happy to see that 40 min I left for discussion seemed not to be enough, and I hope at least one person went home with this concept! For the life streaming recording made by @pcmcreative (which I am extremely grateful for!!!) I will send you to her Qik account here.
After this one, I joined @pcmcreative‘s session on Amb:IT:ion project. I must say I am very impressed with the project and I really hope I can get involved in it more – at least on the networking level! If you are social media savvy and would like to support art communities, joining their network is a must, so do it now!:) (and me in the meantime I will try to get hold of the slides;) This filled me up with ideas enough to have a chat with @oxcom on the way back to Oxford.

Here are the photos for the event!

Thank you very much to Chris Hambly for organising and to all the sponsors for making it possible!:)

I really hope to see another one, and all of you there:) Come over and share your ideas!

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