Today I had a wonderful chat at work about roots, ancestors and all the stardust we are made off – cannot wait for my DNA results to find out more about my belongings. As I shift between my mental spaces and official identities soon, I also wonder why to me those things don’t really matter. I am a Traveller at heart. I draw maps. I love the Great Unknown. In the last few years of Brexit U.K. I have experienced entrapment and learned a lot about the fear of divides, silences, and forgotten tribes. I have watched people tremble in face of diversity. I understand this so much better now. I am tempted to dive deep into work with racists and abusers one day, I feel the sadness of living in their fragmented world. I also acknowledge that it’s a spectrum we all live on. I slowly shift and Wake Up White myself. And then I wonder, somewhat selfishly, do I have energy for this? Or do I prefer to move along and explore new landscapes? Studying therapy means we need to deconstruct things before we stitch them together into a workable model. I am blessed to have wonderful common threads and tribes, so it’s easier. I love this journey so much, especially when meeting the Other results in fantastic conversations.

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