Exhibitions: Landscapes

    My next exhibition will be hosted in Vale & Downland Museum in Wantage. I have collected 20 pictures taken during my business travels in the last three years to showcase that if we really wish to the time CAN stop and we can always find a little magic in the ordinary – even if it’s on the way to the next appointment or rushing to meet the next deadline. I have a feeling that our lives speed up. We work 24/7 with no clear boundaries of private and professional, so why not make the most of what life has to offer and enjoy the glimpse of sublime in the world around us? Every time I travel to London I discover a new scene, new image, new landscape. Europe is even more amazing. So to see it though my lenses do join me in March in Wantage! I will be at the Museum on 9th of March from 1 to 3 PM so join me for a coffee and chat too.




    This week blessed me with a client visit to Glasgow, which gave me great opportunity to meet wonderful people and visit a good friend from Oxford. I have had a rather quiet time recently so travelling to this magnificent city was a pleasure, despite the gloomy, almost romantic views of Scottish landscapes. Glasgow itself welcomed me with extremely kind and warm people  (is it just me, or is it really worth working in various places to taste a bit of local reality?), whose interest in social media, openness but also honest feedback gave me great boost of inspiration for the rest of the week and probably more days to come;) All this followed by meeting a friend, spending all evening talking – yes, simply talking about things that matter to both us and discovering how much we have in common and how much we can learn from each other- until we get so tired we can hardly think (this bit applies to me, of course!). Chilly, bright morning on the way back to the station with a short visit to the Glasgow School of Art gave me the opportunity to study more the architect and great designer, Mackintosh, whose roses are flowering on my coffee table since my first farewell present received in the UK. All this finalised by sunny, seriously dreamy hills on the way back was simply extraordinary!

    Thank you to everyone who made this trip so rewarding!


    Santiago moments

    As I start to review my trip to Santiago – I do apologize it took me so long, but hey, I had a bit of a storm in my head, which I am sure you will understand – I look at the very few photos I took. I cannot help but wonder how many beautiful moments I was blessed with during this pretty intense, emotional and very tense in terms of the amount of information acquired time.

    First coffee in Santiago, still at the airport, feeling the mixture of exhaustion and excitement to see many GVers any minute, meeting Agnieszka again, and heading off to face slightly different reality. Different as in – not mine;)

    Mountains – something easy to refer to. Feeling of actual travel, when your window feels like a screened movie with amazing, new scapes featured in front of your nose! And then in detail – ordinary stand full of..well, still living animals…so silly to think how extraordinary it is for me, and how regular for the local community!


    The largest, most delicious plate of seafood ever eaten! Consumed slowly, with tiny pieces of broken mussels in the soup – just as the locals have it, not we- tourists;) Just like my new neighbour had it when she was growing up in Valparaiso.

    All this topped with a warm gesture…


    Sweetness during the conference, and yes – still listening;)

    Using all we have to wrap up a Birthday present!

    Finally managing to get going for a morning walk!


    Enjoying celebrity (G.V. Ferret)



    Messing up a picture of a boy, who actually posed for me to express his ‘World Cup’ victory!:)

    And not really taking my camera for the walk to 777 pub later on;) but enjoying the ‘just-in-case’ cuppa next morning…

    Finding the memorable door!


    Worrying about ‘another cake!’

    Enjoying the sweetest moment of the afternoon!

    Falling in love with children all over again! Admiring those, who make them – and us – smile.

    Noticing modern heroes in the crowd!


    Remembering the ordinary ones!;)


    Already there foolishly trying to stop the time!;)


    But moving on, with a smile on our faces…

    To discover the strongest faiths keeping people safe…

    ..and other beliefs trying to find the answers to the unknown…

    Leaving home with our own habits, happy.

    All those habits, gestures, items, images stay in my memory as I keep Santiago, Chileans and Global Voices community in my heart! Thank you for having me!


    Made in Oxford photo exhibition

    I have been quiet recently because of few reasons (a lot of changes in private life, ongoing illness, finalising Oxford Twestival), but gradually I am coming back to my blogging. Even though I am staying at home this week (apologies to all Twestival organisers for not joining you tonight in London!), I managed to rest and gather my family to join Oxford Flickr Group in the exhibition opening in Jam Factory. It was so worth it! Not only that the night was a success, but the amount of work put in the organising and arranging the exhibition was impressive! It is a unique collection of art made by very talented photographers from Oxford and the area who meet virtually on the Flickr group and off-line in a pub. I am amazed to see how social media made another project possible and how it all came together. It was great to meet people I know from Twestivals, barcamps and other social media or art events in Oxford – all in once place enjoying the celebration of good work. And as you can see, Dawid had fun promoting us during the opening too;) It is a privilege to be a part of the project and I owe big thank you to all organisers for all their efforts and to all attendees for making it so beautiful! The exhibition is up for entire October, so do check it out! More info on Facebook or Upcoming😉

    UPDATE: post on Flickr blog here.


    Exhibitions: Didcot Cornerstone’s

    This was a joint exhibition organised by and for Oxford Artweeks artists and I am really happy that I had my works in this amazing piece of architecture in Didcot!

    I sold all my works to a very nice lady – even though she was aware of the fact that I have them online too. Thank you for supporting my creativity! 

    More photos from Artweeks 2009 here.



    Exhibitions: “Sea-Land” for Appleton Art

    This exhibition is a result of a Sea-Land project – my attempt to team up with my friend and map out some curious names of UK towns and try to figure out related visual associations. We had fun with my friend and I really loved exhibiting in this lovely barn in Appleton, nr. Oxford. I sold a picture, which was a great feeling, but I am mostly proud of our crazy idea. We hope to visit some of those places too!

    You can see the collection over on Flickr.