Missing the Polish sea


I miss the Polish sea so so so much! When I was a little girl I would spend each and every summer at the seaside collecting amber, shells, sea glass and other little treasures. The only thing that kept me motivated to go to school in spring was the outlook of summer holidays and blueberry waffles with cream! I loved the sound of birds and the sand getting into all my bags on the way back.I would hide small shells found on the beach in the pockets of my bag to then present them to my friends – like little treasures. They were quite ordinary really but my silly little me loved their story – each shell has a story, didn’t you know? Some of them, larger ones, still sing it if you place it near your ear. This time I travelled back with a few little shells. Gave one to my son – it inspired him to travel too. Another one had no pocket to go to so I kept it. It is in my bag and it reminds me of my summers, of the place I came from… It reminds me of the water we all originate from.

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