Canva notes from my first year

Tonight I am finishing the first year of counselling studies. It has been a very enlightening journey which answered my initial question from last September: do I really want to become a therapist? Yes, today I know I do. I also know just how much more I need to learn to complete my training and how exciting this journey is going to be. Everything I have done so far makes sense today. Every positive and negative experience in my life contributes to my current understanding of life and today I am confident that it is enough to get me started in the therapy world. I also have a few ideas as to what I should do next. I will certainly consider bereavement counselling course in Oxford, maybe also few psychology courses at the Oxford University. I will continue with my positive psychology studies too. As for the counselling diploma, I am not sure, but I will probably aim to complete it in Bristol.

This weekend I have completed my Canva notes and ordered my first pack of 100 cards from Moo. I cannot wait to see it. Below are my top four notes of the course.




I cannot wait to learn more but I do intend to take the summer off active studying to recover after a long period of stress and few difficult themes in my life. Things are getting much better but my body and mind do need rest. My plan for this summer is to not to travel, but sit in the garden and soak in as much sunshine as possible, enjoy the allotment and walks with my dog. I plan to rest.

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