What would your last tweet be?

 I have just picked up the current #1LastTweet campaign run by Marie Curie in the UK to raise awareness around dying. I have to admit it IS a difficult, almost tabu topic – who likes to think of their last sentence?! However, I think it is extremely important to at least try to shift our focus on the elderly at least sometimes. I do not know how about you but I have a feeling that we tend to respect older people less and less.

I like the tonality and clear articulation of this campaign.

If you found that difficult or uncomfortable, you’re not alone. Dying is not a subject anyone likes thinking about, but it is a part of life.

As a leading provider in end of life care, Marie Curie is taking part in Dying Matters Awareness Week to encourage everyone to talk more openly about death, dying and bereavement.

We believe that talking more openly about dying will help us start planning for the future to ensure that all of us can get the care we need at the end of our lives.

It’s simple with rather low entry barrier too, so I am sure it is going to succeed.

All you need to do is post your last tweet or imagine your last Facebook update. (If you check #1LastTweet hashtag you will find few examples already.)

Some of us will take it seriously, others will use it as an occasion to joke, but I am sure we will all THINK about the topic and consider helping organisations like Marie Curie. Well done!

If you need inspiration, let me remind you what some of our tech leaders and bloggers would post as their last tweet:

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