Wantage Summer Festival in October

This month we have been researching past Festivals, meeting and interviewing members of Wantage community and preparing our website for 2016 events. We are starting to plan our next Festival so stay tuned as we will need you to listen – we will start collecting information which will help YOU promote your work, venue and events.

Meetings with other event organisers and with local schools

We are extremely grateful to all other local event organisers who met us already and expressed amazing support to our summer plans. You are all great and we hope to be able to help your events too.

We are super excited about our meetings with local schools. One of your main concerns was the engagement of younger audiences and it is very important for us too – so we hope to build good relationships with all local schools. So far the response is brilliant!

We want to meet and interview YOU! We can also feature your venue!

We have mentioned this in our open meetings – we are dedicating a lot of time to meet all past event organisers, festival participants, and fans. We have already met a few Festival friends and we will publish interviews on our blog shortly. In the meantime, we would love to plan new chats and interviews so please get in touch if you want to meet informally or if you want us to feature you on our website.

If you have a venue which in your opinion could be used during our 2016 festival, please let us know. We are keen on helping our event organisers in expanding to new places in town so all your input will be greatly appreciated.

Can you help?

As we are researching the past of our Festival we are trying to reconstruct all past programmes, but we have no records from 1999, 2000 and 2001. Please, please, please let us know if you happen to have a copy of our Programme from those years! Thank you!



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