Top 5 Coffee Infographics of 2011

2011 was a year of some amazing infographics to me so I have decided to pick my personal top 5 ones dedicated to coffee. In case if you are wondering what else was there this year, check out my small collection on Pinterest here. I will not include the most popular one here as I was unable to identify if it was made in 2011, apologies!

1. US Speciality Coffee Consumption Statisttics – it does not contain a lot of data, but I am glad to see the mentioning of Facebook topics there, as well as design, the feel and overall look of this particular infographic. 

2. 50 Ways to Drink Your Java – it’s personal;) I love the look of this one. It reminds me of endless hours in coffee shops of Budapest; of all the quick, warm and terrible coffees I had on the way to my university just to wake up and of that one strong espresso we had with a friend in an amazing place in Vienna, then in Nice, in Verona, in San Sebastian during the best trip of my life once….:) 

3. Fair Trade infographics from GOOD – we have seen quite a few good infographics on this site in 2011, so it would be unfair to me not to mention them here. Especially that they actually posted this one and I think for all Fair Trade fans it’s a good place to start;) 

4. Coffee Travels – this is yet another take on the coffee trade. I really like the design and the feel of this one! 

5. In Caffeine We Trust – I simply love the retro, industrial look and the entire idea of taking an online trend and placing it in our hands to fill out!:) Brilliant! 

These are my favorites from 2011, but I would also like to mention one which did not deserve the title of “coffee infographics” yet I love the appearance coffee makes on it! Besides have you EVER seen more awesome CV?;) 

I think 2011 was in many ways a year of release of data, data trends and trend to love data! We saw it finally presented in a more digestible way. We see it entering the interests of the general public through infographics so why not to make the most of it? In 2012 I would like to collaborate on an infographic project myself – I made that promise to myself. I think it’s important to make data, any data accessible and simple visualisation is one of the many ways it can be done.

I also hope that infographics will begin to move towards video format too! This one is an oldie, but goodie. Let’s hope that in 2012 we will see more of this stuff! If I am not around tomorrow, have a brilliant 2012 all!


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