Support materials for our Spring Competition participants

Considering it’s half-term in Wantage we have collected few links and other recourses to help our Spring Competition participants in their work.

Betjeman Park:

  1. I have spent all morning in the Betjeman Park today taking photos of it and uploading them to Panoramio – Google Maps based photo repository. You can find all those images here.
  2. You can find a good map of the park over on its official website here.


Harry Potter:

  1. We have found plenty of images on Google, so do check it our or look for your chosen location or item there, just make sure you check the images tab in results.
  2. If you are more ambitious Wikipedia has a great write-up on all locations where the series was filmed.

There is a lot of work done in Minecraft with Harry Potter elements already, there are even a map and a mod, but be careful – we will judge all the entries based on their originality, creativity, and effort so working with the map is not going to be considered.

Good luck everyone! We cannot wait to see your work!

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